VCDs y Laserdiscs adquiridos en el último tiempo

S.S. Experiment Love Camp (VCD)
Faceless (Jesus Franco) – The Voyeur (Tinto Brass)


 Gamera VS Gaos + Gamera VS Zigra
 FIRST DRAW: The premiere episodes of Gunsmoke and Rawhide
 Laserdisc: Dawn of the Dead Director’s Cut (Letterboxed)
BOX The Golden Age of Science Fiction II 
Incluye 3 discos con “The Land Unknown”, “Monster on the Campus”, “The Monolith Monster” y “The Leech Woman”
 Laserdisc japonés de Buster Keaton + Harold Lloyd
The Revenge of Frankenstein – 13 Ghosts – Tales from the Crypt (Bordello of Blood) – Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

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