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The Dummy (1995) terror de bajo presupuesto

the dummy vhs

Mi agradecimiento al equipo de Screamtime Films, LLC que me ayudó a adquirir dos de sus nuevas ediciones en VHS de sus producciones terror de bajo presupuesto The Dummy y Death Metal Zombies y el DVD de Zombified (2012)

Título del VHS: The Dummy (Bloody Anniversary)
Año: 1995
País: USA
Director: Dante Falconi
Actores: Lisa Cook, Todd Jason Cook, Sabrina Cook, Bill DeWild, Harley Graves, Anthony Jones, Katrina Judkins, Cindy Larsen, Jim Larsen, Jerry McGhee, Brian Truitt, Angela Watkins, etc.
Texto de la tapa: HE’S GONNA KILL YOU!
Sinopsis de la contratapa: Chris & Laura, newlyweds, are about to have their first anniversary. They visit a fortune teller as a joke, but things change when the lady tells them that their marriage will not last. After Chris and Laura insult the fortune teller, she conjures up a demon spirit (which she places into a ventriloquist doll) and commands it to kill anyone who speaks to Chris or Laura. She then commands the doll to kill the couple as well.
Soon enough, the doll makes its way into their lives and the body count begins to rise as the silent, murderous doll stalks and slashes those who speak to them.
A detective shows up to ask some questions and investigate. Soon, Laura is the last one alive to fight the creepy doll, who will not stop until he is finished obeying the fortune teller’s commands to kill!
The Dummy is a shocking horror film with surprisingly creepy death sequences and a dark atmosphere reminsicent of Italian horror.

Características del VHS:
Idioma: Inglés
Editora: Screamtime Films, LLC

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